Sunday, June 20, 2010

Past Month and Half (Part 1 of 2)

Let’s start form most recent events (that are worth mentioning) and work my way back:

One of the benefits of living in Israel (as opposed to US), is that Europe is just a short flight away with almost no time difference. I took advantage of this opportunity last weekend and joined Dima in Geneva.

It is a very beautiful, classy, smallish European city. It was a pleasure to walk and look around, which is pretty much all we did the whole time, with some breaks for food and Museums. It’s a very very expensive place and I think one way they try to make up for it is: the municipal museums are free (very nice) and public transportation for tourists is free as well (comes in very handy). Its an interesting contrast to Tel Aviv: Geneva is very clean, very looked after, and while its much older, it’s in much better shape. Of course not being involved in any wars for the past at least 400 years helps. One other point of note; everything closes very early, which I have become unused to, we tried to go out for food at 10:30pm, it was very difficult to find any restaurant still serving, here 10:30pm is still prime dinner time.

Here are some pics (and comments) from the trip:

Before Geneva, life was as usual. I came back from my whirlwind trip to US. Let me tell you: flying across the world for less than a week is not very smart, because the minute you kind of start getting over the jet-leg you have to fly back and start the process all over again. Of course I got sick as a result, and the fact that I ran around trying to see and spend time with every family member in St Louis, Chicago and Milwaukee did not help.

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