Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1 Month Anniversary and more

Last Wednesday the 17th of March marked 1 full month since we came to Israel. We celebrated this momentous occasion by going out to a restaurant. Except we did not plan ahead of time (we like to be spontaneous) so we ended up walking around for almost 2 hours looking for just the right place. We do this sometimes and what usually ends up happening is:

a.  We get excited to find the perfect place
b. Start looking for it with the best intentions
c. I start getting hungrier and hungrier
d. Dima gets very picky, and even though we pass many places none of them seem to fit Dima's criteria for the night
e. I get very cranky from the hunger
f.  Dima can't pick a place because the "perfect place" does not exist
g. I start feeling like I am about to pass out
h. Dima gives up because I am pretty moody by this point
i. I pick the first place I see just so I can get some food in my empty growling stomach
j. We eat whatever the restaurant has, which usually is not what either of us would have wanted, sometimes.... we are pleasantly surprised
k. We never learn from past mistakes and inevitably repeat the cycle

This was that kind of an experience, however, thankfully we were pleasantly surprised this time. Well at least I was. We ended up going to a type of restaurant I have wanted to go to ever since we got here. Its a place where you order yummy, succulent skewers of meat and with them come unlimited varieties of salads. I love the whole concept. I ended up very happy with the whole thing... I mean how can one not be happy with fresh delicious meat and salads?!

Later last week, for our weekly adventure, we went to an Israeli Army museum, which was basically a large outside space full of tanks (it used to be the British Mandate's fort/prison or something). Basically Dima's idea of heaven. Mine... not so much, but it was very nice outside so i made the best of it.

Here is a link to the pics from that trip:




  1. hahahah, a-j its like you looked into my brain:)))

  2. the food looks soooo gooood!!!! it reminds me of korean restaurants that have the same style, meats and lots of sides that just keep coming. now im going to go eat my frozen lunch:(

  3. Wow, that's quite a plethora of good looking food. I'm loving your whole cultural reversion experience - great work break fodder!

  4. ye, if only you had some relatives in israel who could suggest a great restaurant (or a dozen) you might have been able to avoid the situation ... ;)

  5. the numbering thing was halarious:)

  6. Nice post Sonya. Didn't know you could write to well since I mostly saw you buried in Excel spreadhseets. So Israel is your permanent home now?