Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Year/Country New Me

Hello everybody,

Have not posted in a  while, have been trying to get the internet connection situation in check... still working on that. However while its still working i am going to put up a quick new post. Its going to be a bummer if it breaks right in the middle of me writing this.

So the pic you see above is from the very first dinner I "cooked" in Israel, which took place earlier this week. You see the thing is that our stove is out of gas and to get the gas hooked up is a big hoopla that I am not going to go into here but to say the least we have had to go out a lot to eat which, if you know me, was great news.

Ok on to more important things. It was my B-day couple of days ago and to celebrate all the new things in my life I decided to make a little change in my appearance. It somehow got in to my head that I must go blond, however all the hairdressers that I approached with this told me that its a horrible idea. They did it in a nice, straight forward Israeli way that made me feel stupid but grateful. In the end I settled for some highlights and a nice chop to the length.

All in all... I am starting to get sick of new me....nehh.... just kidding, its all good :)


  1. i say you go even shorter. i always thought you look fantastic with short hair!
    this looks cute too:)

  2. oh, stop it, you look lovely!

  3. You look adorable! My favorite quote from above is how they told you in the Israeli way not to go blond. Made you feel "stupid but grateful", that cracks me up!