Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pointless trip - Har Masor

Last Saturday Dima and I decided to go on another trip down to the desert. We wanted to go hiking and found a perfect spot, even though it was far away, it was scenic, adventurous and with enough climbing and crawling thrown in to make it fun and worth our time to make the drive down.

The trip took us over 3 hours, about 30 minutes of which were spent driving 6 miles down a treacherous dirt road in a car that was never meant to go off of a paved highway.

The most ridiculous part came when we arrived at our destination, which by the way looked very promising and beautiful, and saw about 20 men sitting around at the base of the trail. Now I am not sure what they were doing there, some looked like they were smoking hookahs others… god knows… All I know is that there was over 20 of them, they were either Arab or Beduin, and that I was full-on freaked out. I realize that most likely these were very nice friendly people however, neither Dima or I had any idea what we were dealing with, and there would be very little chance we could communicate given our knowledge of Hebrew and Arabic and their knowledge of English or Russian. So without ever stepping out of the car we turned around and drove back.

3 HOURS of driving through the desert were pretty much completely wasted. And there was no time for us to go to a different place since it was already pretty late in the day. So we ended up randomly pulling off the dirt road as we were driving back and just running around and checking out our surroundings. One thing I did not mention is that the dirt road that leads to this hiking trail goes through a training zone for the Israeli Army, to be specific its where they do their target practice for rockets and whatever else. So it was fun checking out the left-over’s of the rockets, or the targets, or whatever else we found. In general it was pretty cool running around a real life desert. But of course it would have been nice to have done the hike we came to do (and the view from the top was supposed to be amazing).

You can see pics form the trip in the below link:

The rest of our weekend was very similar to the experience described above. On Friday we tried to go to the new IKEA in Rishon, it’s the second one in Israel, the one in Netania has been there for 2 years. It was a mad house, with a line for cars to get in and another one for people to get in after they have stood in the line for the cars. We drove around and drove back home. Mind you this was after we spent good 45 min driving around looking for it.

After we went on our trip to the desert we decided to try to go to IKEA again. This time it was even worse!!! The line was all the way from the highway. We drove away then too. I don’t understand why the insane lines, its not like IKEA is completely new to the country, its been here for years, it’s just a new location. Ehh whatever we went to the other location that’s farther way, and I hope will not have to go back to for a long long time :)

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