Monday, March 8, 2010

Retraction to my first post!

I have a retraction - people in Israel do have dryers! My statement was based on 2 specific observations:

1 - Last summer I spent a week in Israel staying with Dima in his shack. I spent a good deal of time doing his laundry during that week of precious vacation time, and all I had at my disposal was a washer, no dryer in sight.
2 - When walking around checking out Israel I noticed that many windows and balconies have cloths-lines with stuff drying on them.

For whatever reason it did not occur to me that the living conditions in a shack (in a small town) and random observations (I air dried some of my cloths in the States because the dryer would ruin them) might only reflect a part of the whole story.

Well... upon further investigation, i.e. asking 1 person, I found out that some people do, in fact, own dryers. I am not going to estimate the percentage here, however this is a wonderful discovery.

I no longer have to feel guilty and spoiled about desperately wanting to buy a dryer! Which I will do as soon as possible for the following reasons:
1 - When your towels air dry, they come out feeling like dry, crinkly, cardboardy hay, instead of the fluffy, wonderful blankets of warm comfort you want to wrap around yourself after a nice hot shower.
2 - Air drying takes way too long.
3 - Also I have been told that cloths need to be ironed after air drying since they automatically come out wrinkled?!?!

Now I don’t know about this yet since I was only able to do one wash (of towels) before the water pipe connector thingy broke and I was left yet again without a functioning washing machine.

I might have to come back to the States to do my laundry like a dirty collage kid coming home for a break.

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  1. lol!!!! i know exactly what your talking about with dry crakely vs soft huggy clothes